NEXYAD Automotive and Transportation Newsletter : connected car, artificial vision for ADAS

This newsletter issues deals with :

. connected car : how to measure risk of accident with onboard applications (connected to the cloud) :

Nowadays, insurance companies try to modulate their pricing for every driver. In order to do that, it is necessery to estimate the risk of accident taken by every driver in real time. This risk assessement is now possible using a connected module that compares the way of driving with the intrinsic danger of the nfrastructure (road).

. obstacle detection for trucks rear vision application : it may save lifes !

Many accidents come from the fact that pedestrians do not understand that they are not seen when getting close to a truck, or van, or bus ... rer vision mirrors can't show every angles. But rear vision mirrors are responsible for 2¨to 4¨of gas conumption and they will be removed in the future, replaced with cameras. Then artificial vision-based detection may be used to save lifes.

. implementation of artificial based adas modules into smartphones : hith tech for everyone (not only on premium cars)

Next generation of premium car will have a lot of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. But small budget cars won't have those safety innovations. It would be great to get those modules running on smartphones !

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