25 million cameras every year to support ADAS in Western Europe by 2020

This radical growth is not just limited to supporting active safety applications. Equally important will be the growth in rear-view and surround-view cameras, which provide drivers with enhanced parking support. Camera technology will also be introduced for monitoring drivers’ attentiveness and may even act as an enabler for automated driving. So how should OEMs and tier-one suppliers choose camera technologies? There are a significant number of camera technologies available, so it can become difficult to navigate through this maze of options. Each technologies offer strengths and weaknesses, and to complicate matters further they also need to be tailored to the features being supported. Although cameras are clearly moving from niche to mass market in the coming years there are still a number of features that cannot be fully supported. Cameras are particularly vulnerable to contamination and are not yet an all-weather sensor. The business case for introducing cameras into the car also needs to be considered. Cameras have so far been introduced by OEMs in a piecemeal manner. However, as the number of cameras grows it is becoming increasingly important to optimise the vehicle sensor architecture so that an affordable business case can be achieved. Overall, the future need for cameras in the car is clear. However, as ADAS shifts from niche to mass market over the coming years, vehicle manufacturers will begin to face new commercial and technical challenges associated with a multi-camera car.

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The company NEXYAD is pleased to read this kind of prediction as they develpped camera-based ADAS algorithms for Road Detection (RoadNex), Obstacle Detection (ObstaNex), and Visibility Measurement (VisiNex) : 

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