Background of NEXYAD on artificial vision-based ADAS

NEXYAD is one of the companies that have the most cumulated experience on ADAS and Autonomous vehicle.

1993 : scientific paper by Gerard Yahiaoui (Founder of NEXYAD with Pierre Da Silva Dias) with a researcher of the Automotive Company PSA Peugeot Citroën : "Texture-based Image Segmentation for Road Recognition with Neural Networks", G. Yahiaoui, M. de Saint Blancard, Sixth international conference on neural networks and their industrial & cognitive applications NeuroNîmes93, EC2, Nîmes, 1993,

2007 : participation of NEXYAD to the DARPA Challenge (Autonomous Vehicle) in the team "Blue Froggy" (with INRIA and INDUCT).

2016 : road detection, obstacle detection, road safety estimation, visibility measurement, available on smartphones (in March).

NEXYAD Adas Road detection at night with RoadNex  Obstacle Detection _ 1


Good Driver - SafetyNex  NEXYAD Adas VisiNex onboard

NB : If you are currently working on ADAS development, ask yourself what you were doing in 1993 and if you are currently working on Autonomous Vehicles, ask yourself what you were doing in in 2007 !!!

NEXYAD has a cumulated experience on artificial perception, artificial intelligence, and data fusion for ADAS and self-driving car that may help your teams.

The NEXYAD team never stopped working on those applications.

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