Some drivers are quiet but still dangerous (in a road safety point of view) :

Most people think that brutal drivers (strong braking, etc ...) are dangerous. The hypothesis is that they do not anticipate enough and then they are
led to brake very strongly. Many Insurance Companies developped their own onboard "dirving style" estimation that scores this kind of hypothesis.

Unfortunately, this idea (that seems to be logical) is not validated by facts : there are brutal drivers that are not dangerous, and there are quiet drivers
that are dangerous : it is obvious that is you cross a spot line at 30 km/h without accelerating or braking ... your driving style is very "quiet" (if you look
at this signals of accelerometers ... thy are flat), but you are a very dangerous driver.

This means that your behaviour cannot be interpreted in itself : you need the context of the road.

For this reason, NEXYAD has been working for more than 10 years with experts of infrastructure, in order to describe the potential danger that they
could bring, and how this danger is transformed into risk of accident depending on the SPEED of the car (not its accelerations).

NEXYAD developped an artificial intelligence system called SafetyNex that read the navigation map in front of the car, computes all the rumles of
danger and risk of instrastructure experts, and then estimates a risk of accident. This score let build a "safety dimension".

NEXYAD also integrated a module of eco-driving scoring (EcoGyzer : developped by the French company NOMADIC Solutions), and can then show
you (1 point per second) the driving behaviour in 2 dimensions (Eco, and Safety).

NEXYAD validated the system with calibrated driving styles (professional pilot) : several driving styles on the same road.

Here is an example of a driving style that is very quiet (and then very ECO), but dangerous (NOT SAFE) :

(on this diagram, the more up the more safe, the more right the more eco)

Quiet Dangerous Driver

To read more and watch films of real time onboard estimation :

This module is under integration into smartphones and electronic devices for insurances companies that want to bruild more accurate 
pricing (pay how you drive).



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