NEXYAD proposes a new connected onboard system that measures driving behaviour signature : SafetyNex developed by NEXYAD is used with EcoGyzer (developed by NOMADIC Solutions), in order to plot this signature. A responsable driver is as most Eco as he/she can and always safe (road safety is not an option at all).

This application leads to behaiour diagrams : 

NEXYAD Adas driving behaviour signature Safe x Eco - Good Driver

Road safety and Ecodriving are two completely different ideas that are not correlated : the 4 combination exist :

. safe and non eco
. eco and non safe
. eco and safe
. non eco and non safe

This application is available on different plateforms :

. PC (as a component of the framework RT-MAPS that lets you record real data during driving and replay in real time)
. Smartphones
. Electronic devices

Useful for :

. Insurance Companies (pay how you drive)
. Distribution Companies (nudge to good drivers)
. Automotive Companies (intelligent navigation, control of safety and eco issues of autonomous driving)

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