NEXYAD is proud to annonce that their 4 modules will be soon available on smartphones (IOS, Android, Windows Phone).

Those four modules are :

. RoadNex (road detection) & ObstaNex (obstacle detection) : competitors of the famous and efficient modules of the company
  MobilEye, those 2 NEXYAD modules are already available on PC for R&D teams (as components of the real time framework
  RT-MAPS). They will be available on smartphones and on electronic devices of a Tier One Company.

  Smartphones App may be deployed with a clever business model that would lead to "free" usage for drivers.

. SafetyNex (road safety estimation) will be deployed mainly for indutries out of car industry, through a
  business model that will garanty a heavy spread in Europe, USA, and Asia. Competitor are Insurance Companies themselves
  that developed their own modules that currently lead to poor risk estimation (poor = not correlated to accidents).

  Then car manufacturers will be free to use this technology into their ADAS systems, in order to check safety and eco-driving, 
  but also embedded into the adas system (maximum viewable distance by the sensors for instance).


. VisiNex onboard (visibility measurement) : this module is a jey issue for every artificial-based adas because it may describe and 
  then predict the reliabulity of such systems depending on the visibility conditions (nignt, day, rain, fog ...). VisiNex is interesting
  because it will be deployed both in smartphones and cars (electronic devices) and in road infrastructure cameras.

Those modules are tested and validated using the AGENDA methodology that helps to create validation databases that cover 
an equivalent of million kilometers with only 'few' cases. Then performance, robustness and reliability are measured for real.

The aftermarket business models imagined by NEXYAD may uberize many applications, fiding the money out of the car industry
and giving ADAS functionalities to low cost and second hand cars.

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