He is the new issue of NEXYAD newsletter about road safety and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) :


NEXYAD Automotive & Transportation Newsletter #6, the 13th of november 2015
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Summary :


– SafetyNex & EcoGyzer : the Driver Behaviour Signature

SafetyNex and EcoGyzer working together for onboard scoring of driving behaviour both on Eco Driving and Road Safety

NEXYAD Adas driving behaviour signature Safe x Eco - quiet but dangerous


– Nexyad ADAS Validation Database still in progress

ADAS validation is a key issue for autonomous vehicule : NEXYAD proposes a free database


– ProgressRoadNex v2.2 Robustness demonstration

NEXYAD tested their road detection system RoadNex on more and more cases

NEXYAD Adas Road detection with RoadNex - no markings


– Nexyad in Media

NEXYAD in newspapers

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